Key influences, including cultural factors, that impact on individuals’ sustained involvement in physical activity.

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- outwitting opponents, as in games activities

- accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences, as in gymnastic activities

- exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions, as in dance activities

- performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, - strength or accuracy, as in athletic activities

- identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges of an adventurous nature, as in life saving and personal survival in swimming and outdoor activities

- exercising safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing, as in fitness and health activities.

Physical Activity

• Physical Activity Policy

• Structured two hours physical activity

• The range of extra-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular opportunities and provision

Attitudes of staff (both positive and negative) and experience of staff influencing the range and type of provision made

• The extent and quality of facilities available – challenges where facilities are limited and the range of opportunities for well-resourced schools

• Outside visits to other sporting providers, specialist facilities and specific activity providers (such as ice rinks, ten pin bowling or dry ski slopes)

• Links to local sports clubs/providers for a range of activities and different types of provision such as health clubs, golf clubs etc.

• Providing a range of extra-curricular activities/representative teams, clubs and societies which can extend beyond the traditional sporting models to include other leisure and recreational opportunities.

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Emotional health and wellbeing

• Vulnerable individuals and groups

• Bullying policies

• Behaviour and rewards policies

• Confidential pastoral support systems.

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